McCulloch Chainsaw & Oregon 40 Volt Lithium-ion Battery

McCulloch MCC3516F

At first glance this chainsaw doesn’t look much different than any other chainsaw. But do a little research and you’ll quickly learn that this powerful tool is one that owners wouldn’t trade for any other. With a 90% approval rating from those who already own the item, it’s easy to see why residential and commercial users are quick to recommend this for all types of uses.


With more than 60 years in the tool industry, McCulloch stands behind their proud history of excellent products and consumer pride. This saw falls right into line with these expectations. The unit is an electric chainsaw with 3.5 horsepower and an added chain brake for security. The product is powerful yet lightweight, two attributes that make it a handyman’s favorite. Owners compare cutting through even large tree trunks to the feeling of using a hot knife to cut through butter.

It continues to post strong reviews in the area of safety. The previously mentioned chain brake stops the chainsaw from working the instant the user stops pressing the trigger. While adjusting to this instant stop can be jarring at first, users on explain why it’s worth the learning curve.

Users also brag highly on the lessened cost of operation with it when compared to higher priced gas models that also require the continued additional cost of a gas and oil mixture. This unit runs on electricity which means as long as you have an outlet near your workstation, you’re going to save money without sacrificing power or effectiveness.

Despite the glowing praise for power and safety, users do have just a few concerns over the McCulloch. Most concerns were minor such as not being able to easily see the remaining oil levels in the unit and having to be careful not to slice through your extension cord. Chief concerns include:

The mobility is limited by the use of an electric cord- While most cutting is done at a work station where electric outlets are readily available, this is not always the case for all projects. Some users were not satisfied that they could not take their unit into the woods near their homes to do low maintenance trimming or cutting.

The replacement chains are a bit difficult to find- There seems to be some discrepancy in what the product recommends as a replacement chain and what will actually work. While the manual suggests an S-55 as an adequate replacement, users have fun this chain to be too long to be effective and a waste of money. A review of customer suggestions finds that the problem is easily solved by using an Oregon brand S-54 replacement chain instead.

Thick tree stumps require more power- Despite the glowing reviews of the products power, there seems to be a distinct cut off in available power once a tree base hits the 8″-10″ diameter. While users were universally pleased with power and effectiveness up until this point, when branches or trunks became thicker than 8 inches users report needing the power of their larger gas chainsaws to get the job done.

For industrial or residential use, users seem to agree that this tool is one that makes the cut for a variety of uses and applications around home and yard. Users are very loyal to the McCulloch name and many report only buying this electric chainsaw after other older units finally became obsolete. With this in mind, it seems that purchasing circular saw will be a purchase that keeps you satisfied and safe for years to come.

Oregon B400E

When using power tools, it is important to have a constant charge around, as you never know when the current battery is completely depleted, which is where this comes in handy. Eventually, the battery in your power tool and other equipment is going to wear out, requiring you to charge the hardware before you are able to use it again. This reduces your overall productivity, which results in a longer work day and a longer time required to complete your task. Thankfully, it is able to correct this issue, and give you instant power to your tools and equipment. With the Oregon B400E, you may never want to use another lithium-ion battery ever again.

Oregon 40v

This allows for a high capacity power charge. On top of this, because the device is lithium-ion , there is no power fade. A power fade occurs in many other chargeable batteries, as on occasion the power flow is interrupted do to an influx in electricity. Lithium-ion batteries do not have this issue, so there is a constant flow of power in between the battery and the connected equipment. On top of this, lithium-ion batteries are lighter in weight, so your power tools and other equipment is not weighed down when using it. The Oregon B400E has no memory effect, meaning if the battery is charged constantly half way through, it does not adapt and begin to only use half of the battery, which is a common issue with other batteries. The 40 volt work load is rather large for a chargeable, as most contain only up to 37 volts. This means you are able to use this for longer on your power tools, allowing you to get more work done and reduce the time you are left waiting for the battery to charge.

Lithium-ion batteries are one of the best kinds of batteries available for electronic equipment, and it is of no exception. This allows you to work longer, due to the increased voltage. One of the top perks is the fact it has no memory effect. This is a large problem for batteries in many electronic devices. Over time, while using most electronic devices, the life drops and you need to charge the battery more and more frequently. This is typically because the battery is use to being charged without being fully depleted. However, with the Oregon B400E, this is not a problem, as you can charge the battery at different stages, without actually changing the life. It is well reviewed, thanks to its longer life, and according to Simon J.T, “It is a top notch. I’m able to do twice the work my previous battery allowed.”

There is very little to complain about with the Oregon PowerNow B400E. Possibly the only downside is only designed for use in other Oregon power tools and equipment. This means, you are not able to directly insert the battery into other power tools, as the battery does not fit. You also need to keep this in mind when purchasing one. You don’t want to buy one that does not work in your current power equipment. Always look at the specific brand of your power tool before you buy the new one, as you don’t want to purchase an expensive lithium-ion battery and charger, only to find out it does not fit, nor work, with your equipment.

If you are looking to improve on the overall performance of your power tools, you need a battery that is able to outperform any other. This is where this comes in handy. This has a longer life, thanks to the additional volts stored in the battery. With more power, you don’t need to charge the battery as long, and you are able to get more of your work done. If completing your task ahead of schedule is a desired perk, than the Oregon PowerNow B400E is the perfect lithium-ion battery for you.

Great Bandsaws: Pros & Cons



  • It has a motor that is 10 amp.
  • This also has LED sight lights that could allow user to see the blade during operation.
  • This comes with rubber bumpers and steel shroud for less vibration when used.
  • A hang hook is also integrated in this saw so that it could be hung properly when not in use to avoid any possibility of getting damaged.


  • Considering all the features that this saw Kithas, a buyer of this product will be truly a satisfied customer. This product could give you all the assistance that you need in order to finish your project with the best possible quality that you could make.


  • Some of the metal parts that could get corroded after some time. You need to provide proper maintenance on those parts in order to keep functional.

The DEWALT DWM120K Band Saw Kit should be yours because it could greatly improve the way you do things in your metal shop or business. Your finished product will truly become better and the cut of the metals will be fit and exact according to your measurements.

DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B


  • Comes with changing lever for the blade to stay sharp and functional
  • Make use of an integrated hook so that users can easily hang the saw when not in use to maintain its good condition
  • It is made with the latest ergonomics and technology making the finish product truly clean and smooth
  • It can make 1/2 “ capacity cuts to 2” SCH 40 pipe


  • The quality of this product that makes it stand out among any other saw in the market is its portability. Since most wood workers need to work from one place to the other, this saw is very advantageous for them. With ease, this equipment could be carried and transported.
  • Most wood workers do not like bandsaws that needs frequent blade replacement for it will cost them a huge amount of money for maintenance and blade replacement. This tool is very practical to use because of its new feature which is the adjustable blade lever. The blade could be positioned properly to avoid immediate wear and damage.


  • If not handled properly, the equipment could have imbalanced operation. This product can be used by newbies and advanced wood workers, but it is more advantageous to be used by those who have enough experience in using a bad saw so that the blade position could be set properly and mishandling could be avoided. This problem with the saw could be simply addressed if the user is equipped with the proper skills.

It is truly worth your money because of all the great features that it has. The overall capacity of this band saw is also very beneficial to any wood worker that needs assistance in making and finishing their work. This DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B Cordless Band Saw is perfect for them.

JET 708115K JWBS-14CS

JET 708115K JWBS-14CS

  • It has one horse-power engine moves blade and has 3000 strokes every minute
  • Has a product dimension of 19 x 26 x 68 inches with 185 pounds of shipment weight
  • It includes saw, stand, dust chute and blade
  • The unit has 5-year warranty service for its workmanship and damaged parts


  • This unit is made completely with quality and durable materials
  • It has an affordable cost and is accessible to all buyers
  • Has extensive warranty services; you can use this for longer period of time
  • Every part or button is very simple to operate
  • Has stylish and perfect appearance
  • Makes your work more effective and comfortable


  • Just like other items, this unit also has a few flaws. However, these drawbacks are very simple to handle. Most customers claim that this unit is easy to get damaged. This is often observed especially when you inaccurately use this equipment. To prolong its services, make sure that you follow its do’s and don’t.

If you need an excellent band saw unit, JET 708115K JWBS-14CS Bandsaw is your one of your best choices because it comes with all the things that will provide you satisfaction. With its user-friendly buttons and easy operation, expect that you can work well with this stuff. Once you have this item, see to it that you use this accurately. What more can you ask for? Get this unit now and see how it works.

Rikon 10-325


  • The blade releases easily
  • 2 speeds-1445 and 2950 ft per min
  • It has a hinged blade protector with view window
  • It has a 16-x-21-1/2-inches wide work table
  • 4-inches dust port


  • Two speeds present a diversity of cutting applications
  • Large work table lean and locks into proper place
  • Edge-facing push bearings broaden blade and bearing existence and get better stability
  • Durable  rip fence which include a re-saw bar
  • 13-inches re-saw capacity
  • It comes with two year limited warranty
  • The 13-inches capacity enables you to re-saw easily of a range of materials.
  • It has a great work table that has tilt-and-lock ability as well as work light.
  • Balanced 14-inches and powerful rip fence for precise cuts.
  • intended for Smooth, standardized, Stable Performance


  • Having a lower guide block is the only concern of few customers. But this simple drawback can be solved better through their personnel skills in order to avoid the rotation of the guide assemble. Other than this, all the parts are working properly to suit your requirements.

Providing a lot of benefits to your job easily. Whether you are a metalworker or a woodworker, inaccurate cuts is the only thing that any worker doesn’t want to do. A repeat cut is time consuming, therefore a band saw which can provide optimum precision can really endow with a great assistance. And that is what Rikon 10 325 14 Inch Deluxe Band Saw can do in a regular basis.